I came for the skiing and stayed for the dentistry!

Being new to the Telluride area, I love seeing all of the, "I came for the skiing and stayed for the Library!", bumper stickers.  It gives me a little laugh and a smile!  How silly it is to think an avid skier could actually think the library would become the reason for staying in this fantastic ski town!  If you ask my three boys, however, they would testify just how awesome the library really is!  The library has at least three more converts to their cause!  

As I see the stickers throughout Telluride, it makes me wonder if its possible that our services and dental care could make someone who actually came here for the skiing, stay for the dentistry? Could we be as awesome and provide so many services right here in our small town?  I thing that idea is something to shoot for and would hope we could be just as amazing at providing our service of dental care as the library is at their job. 

Here at Elevated Dental, we strive to provide top level dental care and a range of specialty care to prevent you from having to travel away from Telluride.  We all moved here for a reason:  for the beauty , the activities, the adventure, and ,yes, possibly even the library.  Why then leave every time you have a dental care need? 

I graduated from a one year AEGD, or Advanced Education in General Dentistry, residency as well as a one year Advanced General Dentistry Preceptorship.  Each program exposed me to all dental specialties and many services beyond my dental school training.  I was trained in IV sedation, complicated tooth extraction, cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, difficult root canal therapy and crown and bridge work just to name a few.  In each program, I worked side by side with experienced specialists in each dental specialty. Although it was not easy, this training provided me with experience and training way beyond what was discussed or even possible in dental school.  Each instructor guided me through diagnosis and treatment of  complex cases and procedures.  They Informed me of each mistake, corrected me, instucted me, and gave me tips and ways to improve.  This one on one attention and guidance is just not provided in dental school!  I value these opportunities as some of the best experiences of my life!  I came to understand dental care on a much deeper level.

With my background and attention to patients' needs and desires, I hope that when you leave our office you think, "wow, I actually do want to stay because of the dentistry!"

Dr Trent Buttars, DMD