IV Sedation

Elevated Dental offers both minimal and moderate sedation to help ease the anxiety of our patients.

Dr. Buttars received his sedation training while attending his Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency in Las Vegas, NV.  He completed over 350 IV sedation cases while serving in the United States Air Force and has completed over 50 cases here in Telluride!  He is a member of the American Dental Anesthesia Society. We are excited to be able to finally provide this service to our patients. 

We strive to understand the level of anxiety a patient experiences and then present the patient with a multitude of sedation options and levels.  Many Colorado dentists can offer oral sedation, but few have the training, education, licence and experience to provide both oral and IV sedation. Elevated Dental can offer both minimal and moderate sedation options: both being effective and safe.  

Minimal Sedation:

Minimal sedation allows the patient to achieve a relaxed and drowsy, but awake state.  Minimal sedation is administered by one of two ways: nitrous oxide gas or by an anti-anxiety pill taken one hour before the appointment.  

Nitrous oxide( laughing gas) is administered through a mask placed on the nose. Nitrous does not put the patient to sleep and wears off quickly once the procedure is complete.

Oral Conscious sedation treatment begins with the patient taking a small pill in our waiting area one hour before the appointment begins.  The patient then achieves a level of consciousness in which he/she is relaxed but conscious.  One of the great benefits of oral conscious sedation is the effect the drug has on the patients' memory.  The patient often will not have any recollection of the procedure.  A medication can also be prescribed before the treatment to help ease anxiety the night before the treatment so you can have a good nights rest.  With oral sedation, you will not be able to eat 6 hours before the procedure and will need an escort to drive you home and look after you until the effects subside.

Moderate Sedation:

During moderate sedation, the medications are delivered through a small IV that is placed in the patients arm.  This allows the level of sedation to be easily and rapidly adjusted to meet the patients need, which is not possible with oral sedation. With IV sedation, the patient will drift in and out of sleep, feel drowsy, not remember most of the procedure, and are not conscious of time in the chair.  IV sedation is great for bigger procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction, Implants and for those who are extremely afraid of the dentist. You will not be able to eat 6 hours before the appointment and will need an escort to drive you home and look after you until the effects subside.

Please give us a call with any questions and to see if sedation is right for you.