Why are teeth extracted?

  • Sometimes despite our best efforts, a tooth needs to be extracted. Large decay, excessive amount of tooth structure missing, catastrophic fractures, non-functioning teeth or infected teeth are the most common reasons. Extractions are also preformed on impacted wisdom teeth, where potential for future problems can occur, and when teeth are needed for orthodontic treatment.

What You Need to Know About Tooth Extractions:

  • Some extractions are routine and others are deemed surgical. Routine extractions are performed on visible teeth with little tooth structure lost for orthodontic reasons for example. Other extractions are deemed surgical when the tooth is impacted or broken below the gums and excessive tooth structure is lost.

What if I’m Scared to Have My tooth Extracted:

  • We offer many options to help control anxiety related to tooth extraction including IV sedation, oral sedation and Nitrous Oxide sedation. All are designed to help take away the fear and help you relax no matter the level of anxiety.

Tooth Replacement:

  • We can discuss and prepare for how the tooth can be replaced, if desired and needed, before the extraction takes place. Several options are possible including dental implants, bridges or dentures.

What About Those Wisdom Teeth?

  • If you or a son or daughter are reaching the ages 16-26, and you’re wondering if it’s time to check on the wisdom teeth, there’s no need to travel. We offer wisdom teeth extractions right here in Telluride.  Dr. Buttars received additional training in his residency while working side by side two Air Force Oral Surgeons for over a year and preformed over 350 successful IV sedation wisdom tooth extraction cases while serving in the Air Force.  Since arriving in Telluride we have performed over 30 wisdom teeth IV sedation cases! Schedule a consultation today so we can discuss all the treatment options and procedure including the option of sedation.