What is a Root Canal?

  • You may not know that your tooth is a living structure similar to a bone and the root canal makes that possible! The root canal is the passageway found in the middle of your tooth where the nerve and blood vessels (pulp) are located.  Sometimes tooth decay extends far enough into your tooth where it can infect the vital root canal space. Root canal treatment may be required to remove the infected pulp tissue and preserve the tooth. Without root canal therapy, the supporting bone can become infected (abscess) and permanent loose of the tooth can occur. There is a greater chance of saving the tooth when the pulp infection is caught and treated as early as possible.

Is a Root Canal Painful?

  • Although a root canal is a microsurgery, the patient should be comfortable. With proper anesthesia, a patient undergoing a root canal should not feel any pain. At Elevated Dental we pride ourselves in excellent Dr./patient communication and advanced anesthetic techniques to ensure the patient is comfortable and pain-free throughout the procedure. We also offer a variety of sedation techniques and levels for the highly anxious patients.